Payment/ Waiting List

Blog Design:

A down payment of 50% is required for any design. Before you are placed on the Design Wait List, the down payment must be received. Payments are accepted through debit card, credit card and PayPal. The down payment is non-refundable.

Full payment is due before the final installation of the design.

All other Design Services:

Full payment is due in full before the project is placed on the Design Wait List.

The Process/Time Frame

After the down payment is received, you will be emailed an approximate start date as well as a design request form. The design request form must be THOROUGHLY completed and returned 3 weeks before your design is scheduled to begin. All user names and passwords must also be provided by the client at this time, including the ftp, WordPress or Blogger log-in.

A completion time cannot be guaranteed, but designs are typically completed in 2-3 weeks from the start date.

The client will receive ONE major revision of the design. If more revisions are requested, the client will be charged an additional $75 for each revision.


During the design process, it is important for the client to be readily available to discuss the design. The preferred methods of communication are Skype (you can set up a free account, it’s easy!), iChat or email. If the client is able to approve designs in a timely manner, the design will be completed more quickly. If Victoria Fine Designs has been unable to get in contact with the client for 14 consecutive days, the client will be removed from the design schedule and will forfeit all monies received.


It is the responsibility of the client to set up Hosting (I prefer BlueHost) as well as install WordPress on the host site. If the client would prefer for Victoria Fine Designs to do either of the previous, set-up is available for a $50 fee.


Clients will receive the copyright for all custom graphics upon installation of their design. After installation, the design may not be altered. The credit and link for the design, i.e., “Site Design by Victoria Fine Designs”, MUST be kept in the footer of the design. Another designer may not make changes to the design without permission from Victoria Fine Designs. All jpeg images are available to the client, upon request. All psd files remain the property of Victoria Fine Designs. Victoria Fine Designs reserves the right to showcase any blog design in the Design Portfolio.


If your blog gets deleted after the installation process as a result of client error, there will be a reinstallation fee equal to half of your total design fee.

Acceptance of Terms

When a client submits a design request form & down payment they agree to abide by these terms and conditions, even if they have not read them.